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Examples with mailto links

You can see examples in this CodePen (mailgo demo), in examples folder in the repository or on mailgo examples.

A mailto link with mailgo#

<a href=""></a>

Dark mode#

<a class="dark" href=""></a>

A less-spam mailgo example#

This is a more simple example (also with less-spam #1 usage):

<a href="#mailgo" data-address="matteo" data-domain=""  >write me!</a>
write me!

Complete less-spam mailgo example#

This is a complete mailgo example with the less-spam usage #1 (and cc, bcc, subject and body):

<a  href="#mailgo"  data-address="matteo"  data-domain=""  data-cc-address="matteomanzinello"  data-cc-domain=""  data-bcc-address="hello"  data-bcc-domain=""  data-subject="A strange email"  data-body="This email is for me with me also in cc and in bcc"  >write me!</a>
write me!

Other examples#