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Contribute in mailgo i18n

You can help in mailgo translations submitting PR directly changing translations.json file here:


You can add or edit a translation directly referring to translations.json file. The key of the MailgoTranslation element is the language code (languages codes are ISO 639-1 Code, the strings follow the MailgoTranslation type.

Mailgo translation type

type MailgoTranslation = {
open_in_?: string;
cc_?: string;
bcc_?: string;
subject_?: string;
body_?: string;
gmail?: string;
outlook?: string;
yahoo?: string;
telegram?: string;
whatsapp?: string;
skype?: string;
call?: string;
open?: string;
_default?: string;
_as_default?: string;
copy?: string;
copied?: string;

All the strings are not mandatory, if they are not specified the default (en) string will be used.


"it": {
"open_in_": "apri con ",
"bcc_": "ccn ",
"subject_": "oggetto ",
"body_": "testo ",
"call": "chiama",
"open": "apri",
"_default": " ",
"_as_default": " ",
"copy": "copia",
"copied": "copiato"

The key it is the ISO code of Italian, not all the string of MailgoTranslation type are translated because they are the same of the en language.


If the translation is complete you can add the ISO code to the languages file: The languages present in this file are considered as official available for mailgo.

Thank you if you want to help!