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Mailgo custom actions

From version 0.12.* it is possible to pass a custom url to the mailgo element and have it rendered as a custom action in the modal.

To add a custom action, the data-custom-action-text and data-custom-action-url attributes need to be specified in the mailgo element, like this:

<a href="" data-custom-action-text="Open Docs" data-custom-action-url=""></a>

With the example mailto: link above, when the mailgo modal opens it will also show an additional link whose text will be "Open Docs" and which, when clicked, will open a new browser tab with the url

In order for custom actions to work the custom action should be enabled in the mailgo config (by default it is enabled).

Custom actions will only work when mailgo is used with mailto: links. So it is not supported, at least for now, with tel: or callto: links and with mailgoDirectRender.