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Mailgo Window functions

From mailgo 0.10.* the functions exported by the library are also accessible in the window object.

Here the functions available:

window.getMailgoTypeByElement = getMailgoTypeByElement;
window.mailgoClickListener = mailgoClickListener;
window.mailgoCheckRender = mailgoClickListener; // DEPRECATED, for compatibility with old version of mailgo
window.mailgoPreRender = mailgoPreRender;
window.mailgoDirectRender = mailgoDirectRender;
window.mailgoRender = mailgoRender;
window.mailgoValidateEmail = mailgoValidateEmail;
window.mailgo = mailgo;

The functions that are available in window are the same that are exported by the library, you can find the documentations about them here: Mailgo export(s)


<button onclick="mailgoDirectRender('')">
Open a mailgo directly (mail) with window function